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Iraq: Dome of shrine of Imam Al-Kadhim’s grandson successfully installed

The engineering and technical teams affiliated with the Secretariat-General of the Holy Shia Shrines have installed the dome of the shrine of Sayyid Muhammad, known as “Abu Drabash,” in Iraq’s Babylon, as part of the project to rebuild the holy shrine.

The project’s supervisor, Eng. Maki Sadar Al-Sultani, said in a statement followed by Shia Waves Agency that the iron structure of the inner and outer dome of the holy shrine has been successfully installed.

Al-Sultani explained that the diameter of the inner dome is 11.6 meters with a height of 5.18 meters, while the diameter of the outer dome is 12.4 meters with a height of 11.14 meters from the top of the neck, which is 4.4 meters high.

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