8000-year old city discovered in eastern Iraq

The Iraqi Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Antiquities has revealed the discovery of an ancient city dating back around 8,000 years BC in the eastern region of Iraq.

The director of the Department of Archaeological Surveys at the General Authority for Antiquities and Heritage in the ministry, stated that, “local archaeological survey processes are currently underway in Wasit Province, identifying the city of Malikyoom as one of the important Babylonian era cities, based on cuneiform texts found on brick indicating the city’s name, its builder, and the location called Kliasah, with the cities dating between 7-8 thousand years BC, confirming the ancientness and authenticity of Iraqi civilization.”

The official further explained that, “99% of archaeological sites consist of mounds of city and village ruins previously constructed from mud, with varying elevations depending on ancient settlements, identified through the discovery of pottery objects and buildings.”

The director highlighted that archaeological survey works involve several procedures, including site registration and assigning guards, facing challenges due to the shortage of archaeological guards, especially from locals of the discovered cities, conflicts with encroachers from civilians or even official entities, which may be agricultural or industrial, and cannot be fenced due to the lack of allocations, which may even be nonexistent.

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