Amnesty International sounds alarm over frequent violations of international laws

Amnesty International said in its 2023 report, released yesterday, 23 April, that the world is experiencing the dire consequences of escalating conflicts and ongoing violation of international law.

The rights organization warned in its annual report that the pace of collapse of the rule of law will likely accelerate with the rapid development of artificial intelligence coupled with the dominance of giant technology companies, which risks promoting human rights violations if regulations continue to lag behind developments in this area.

Amnesty International Secretary General Agnès Clamard said: “AI’s report paints a bleak picture of the alarming repression of human rights and frequent violations of international rules, all of this in light of worsening global inequality, great powers competing for sovereignty, and the worsening climate crisis.”

She added: “Israel has shown a blatant disregard for international law, exacerbated by the failure of its allies to end the unspeakable bloodshed to which civilians in Gaza are being subjected,” pointing out “Many of these allies were the same designers of the legal system established after World War II. In light of the ongoing Russian aggression against Ukraine, the increase in armed conflicts, and the gross human rights violations witnessed, for example, in Sudan, Ethiopia, and Myanmar, the rules-based global order appears threatened with collapse.”

It should be mentioned that Amnesty International’s annual report highlights double standards on human rights and the failure of the international community to uphold human rights and universal values.

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