“Al-Mizan: A Covenant for the Earth”: A Quranic project for environmental protection in England

A group of Muslim environmental experts in England have developed a covenant that includes a number of Quranic verses emphasizing the teachings that stress the importance of environmental protection.

This covenant, prepared by a charity organization in Birmingham, aims to raise awareness among Muslims about Islamic ethical guidelines towards the environment, addressing the harm done to it and the necessity of preserving it for future generations.

Known as “Al-Mizan: A Covenant for the Earth,” this document was written by a number of Muslim experts and includes an Islamic and Quranic strategy to combat climate change and environmental pollution.

The Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Sciences in Birmingham is a leading organization in this initiative, undertaking projects to support the environment based on Islamic teachings and the Holy Quran.

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) recognized “Al-Mizan Covenant” as a global platform linking the environment with Islamic teachings and accepting Islamic perspectives on nature.

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