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Exhibition of gilded Qurans organized in Riyadh to highlight grandeur of Islamic arts

In celebration of the holy month of Ramadan, a special exhibition was held in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, to display beautiful and rare Holy Qurans.

The exhibition features 42 rare Qurans that are gilded and decorated, emphasizing the grandeur of Islamic arts in calligraphy, decoration, and coloring, drawing inspiration from Quranic verses.

The diversity of Arabic scripts, papers, and copied Qurans from different historical periods is also showcased.

The supervisor of the exhibition, Faisal bin Maamar, stated in a press release that “the exhibition includes a collection of rare Qurans and is part of our program that focuses on organizing high-quality exhibitions during national, religious, and cultural occasions within Saudi Arabia and abroad.”

He added that “its value lies in shedding light on the arts of decoration and gilding, harmonizing Qurans with their various schools, introducing them as prominent Islamic art.”

Bin Maamar explained that “Islamic arts flourished in various eras, fundamentally rooted in contemplating the signs of Allah and what is mentioned in the Quran by looking at these signs and drawing inspiration from them in the universe, nature, and humanity.”

He pointed out that the world, especially in the West, has been influenced by these arts in terms of calligraphy, patterns, decorations, textiles, glass, and ceramics.

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