Amid ongoing conflict, Sudanese civilians live in extreme terror

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk, stated that Sudanese civilians are living in extreme terror due to the conflict in the country, which he described as harsh and reckless, posing a threat to regional peace.

In a speech before the UN Human Rights Council, Türk explained that “the crisis in Sudan is a tragedy that has been forgotten at the international level,” emphasizing that the crisis is characterized by a disregard for human life and describing the situation as a nightmare.

He pointed out that the warring parties in Sudan “have created an atmosphere of extreme terror, forcing millions to flee,” noting that both sides have escaped punishment for multiple human rights violations, while peace talks have made no progress.

The UN Commissioner expressed regret “for the lack of effective dialogue to end the conflict and urged the warring parties to return to the negotiations to bring about peace.”

He also called on the international community “to refocus its attention on this tragic crisis before it escalates into further chaos.”

Türk expressed deep concern about thousands of arbitrarily detained civilians, stating that “estimates indicate that at least 14,600 people have been killed during the conflict, with 26,000 others injured, likely a much higher toll.”

Türk pointed out that “80% of hospitals are now out of service, and deliberate denial of safe access to humanitarian agencies could amount to a war crime.”

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