Holy Karbala hosts 2nd Intel Conference to Combat Extremism and Terrorism

The 2nd international conference to combat extremism and terrorism kicked off today, Thursday, in the holy city of Karbala, in an attempt to remind the world of the serious consequences of this phenomenon

This conference comes at a time when the world is facing threats from terrorist groups and their criminal activities, emphasizing the need to curb their future dangers.

The conference, organized by the Baynah Center for Intellectual and Cultural Security, aims at reducing the impact of terrorist operations and decreasing the activities of armed groups in Iraq and around the world.

The participants emphasized the national and societal responsibility to combat extremism and intellectual deviation that threatens future generations, stressing that Islam is a religion of mercy, peace, and coexistence, and that authoritarianism, extremism, and radicalism pose a danger to societies.

The participants also called on communities and governments in Iraq and globally to take responsibility for combating extremism and intellectual deviation.

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