Non-Violence Organization welcomes Dutch Supreme Court decision to halt military aid to Israel

The International Nonviolence Organization (Freemuslim) has welcomed the decision of the Dutch Supreme Court to halt military aid to the Israeli government, which is committing bloody massacres against civilians in the Palestinian Gaza Strip.

The organization stated in a press release received by Shia News Agency: “It welcomes the decision of the Dutch Supreme Court to stop military aid to the Israeli government,” calling on Western countries to follow the Dutch decision “in support of ending the war on Gaza.”

The organization expressed great satisfaction with the decision of a Dutch appeals court ordering the government to ban all exports of fighter jet spare parts (F-35) to Israel.

It also emphasized that the international community should “work towards an immediate cessation of the war” due to its costly impact on the lives of innocent civilians and take serious action to reduce the spread of violence.

The Israeli regime in the occupied territories has waged a fierce war that has claimed the lives of thousands of innocent civilians in the Gaza Strip.

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