Almost 80 perish in 3 weeks at Myanmar refugee camps: aid workers

Nearly 80 people have lost their lives at refugee camps in western Myanmar within three weeks due to poor living conditions, Radio Free Asia reported yesterday quoting displaced people and aid workers.

The highest number of fatalities were recorded at Ohn Taw Gyi camp with 38 deaths and Say Tha Mar Gyi camp with 27 deaths, the source added.

It noted that the main cause of death has been unclean water, leading to symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting, particularly affecting children.

RFA added that the lack of doctors and accessible medicine has resulted in the death toll rising.

The ongoing fighting in Rakhine state has left the residents stranded and international aid organizations unable to provide assistance, with most of the displaced identified as ethnically persecuted Rohingya or other Muslim minorities in Rakhine state.     

Predominantly Muslim villages and refugee camps in western Sittwe have been restricted from importing and transporting food and medicine since 2012, and residents face strict travel restrictions.

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