Indian scientific journal publishes article on the lofty meanings of the eternal Karbala incident

In the Republic of India in the middle of this year, a quarterly research journal was published in the Urdu language, titled “Aalami Falak”, which deals with many scientific, literary and humanitarian topics.

The Kashmiri newspaper “Brighter Kashmir” said in its evaluation of the emerging magazine, “The magazine (Aalami Falak) had published its first issue in the Indian state of Dhanbad Jharkhand on April 7,” praising in the context of the evaluation the beauty of the magazine’s pages and the quality of the paper used in it.

The Kashmiri newspaper added that the pages of this research magazine had included an article by the writer “Abdul Samad Ghazanfar” entitled “The Right to Wali Hussain”, which he started with a stanza of poetry by the Indian writer and academic “Akhlaq Muhammad Khan” known as “Shahryar”, about the courage and sacrifice of Imam Hussain (peace be upon him)” and the call to follow his march in raising the voice against injustice, and bringing about a revolution in people’s lives, as well as praising those who followed his example in this march.

At the end of its assessment, the newspaper indicated that its last issue was published last September.

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