India: New school provides opportunities to learn the Quran and the Arabic language

The Kuwaiti Charitable Society “Hafzat” opened a Quranic school in India, benefiting 10,000 orphans and needy students.

Ahmed Al-Murshed, Vice Chairman of the Association’s Board of Directors, said: “By the grace of God, a Quranic school was opened in Harita, India, to address the illiteracy phenomenon, and to provide opportunities to learn the Holy Quran and the principles of the Arabic language for orphaned and needy students, as more than 10,000 students benefit from it, with a capacity of 200 students.”

He added, “Quranic schools have a great importance and role in society, and this importance stems from the importance and prestige of the Holy Quran, as it is the eternal book of God and the enlightening lamp.”

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