Ceremonies commemorate Qasim ibn Hassan in Lucknow, India

 There are many Hussainiyahs organizing various religious ceremonies of Muharram in different cities of India.

  Among the Ashura ceremonies that were held in Lucknow, 450 kilometers from Delhi, the capital of India, was the symbolic wedding ceremony of Qasim ibn Hassan ibn Ali, peace be upon him.

  In these ceremonies, the public, even non-Muslims, gathered on the seventh day of Muharram to commemorate the wedding ceremony of Qasim in the plains of Karbala.

  This religious ceremony dates back to 200 years ago, during the reign of Muhammad Ali Shah, the third king.

 Mr. Manzur Hasan Naqvi is considered one of the oldest mourners in India, and has 60 years of experience in attending the ceremony of Qasim, peace be upon him.

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