Manipur on Edge: Ethnic Clashes Displace Thousands, Peace Uncertain

Manipur, India, remains on edge a year after ethnic clashes between the Meitei and Kuki-Zo communities erupted, displacing over 67,000 people and claiming over 220 lives, Al Jazeera reported in a news story yesterday.

The article highlighted that a recent attack in Vengnuam village, where residents fled after an alleged assault by a Meitei militia, underscores the ongoing fear and instability.

According to the news story, the conflict has deep roots, with competition for resources and differing political stances fuelling tensions.

It added that the Meitei community seeks Scheduled Tribe status, offering affirmative action benefits, a move fiercely opposed by the Kuki-Zo.

The recent elections brought a glimmer of hope with the BJP, accused of using violence for political gain, losing to Congress. However, some Kuki-Zo fear the new government won’t address their concerns, casting doubt on the path to peace.

The central government’s approach to the crisis and its commitment to finding a solution remain unclear. With thousands displaced and fear lingering, Manipur’s future remains uncertain.

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