India: Modi’s Allies Insist on Muslim Welfare in Coalition Government Despite Rare Political Underrepresentation   

For the first time in independent India’s history, the new Union council of ministers led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi does not include a single Muslim member, local sources confirmed.

The previous councils of ministers sworn in after every General Election in Independent India had at least one Muslim MP in them.

The last Muslim minister, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, was not re-elected to the Rajya Sabha in 2022 after serving as the Minority Affairs Minister.

With the BJP’s overwhelming parliamentary majority, it appears no Muslim candidates from the NDA alliance were able to secure seats in the 18th Lok Sabha.

This has resulted in the current 543-member lower house having only 24 Muslim MPs, a significant underrepresentation of the minority community.

The BJP’s campaign targeting Muslims has led to tension with allies supportive of the community, particularly regarding reservations for Muslims.

While BJP officials criticized Muslim reservations, allies like TDP and JD(U) have expressed commitment to upholding them, citing the need to uplift minorities from poverty.

These allies have insisted on keeping their minority welfare programmes going, urging PM Modi to reconsider policies affecting welfare of Muslims.

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