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Popular maddah, Syed Shujaat Razvi visits headquarters of Imam Hussein Media Group in Holy Karbala

The famous maddah, Syed Shujaat Razvi, widely known as Farhan Ali Warith, visited the headquarters of Imam Hussein Media Group in the holy city of Karbala this week and met with some senior officials of the organization.

Razvi, originally from Karachi and very popular with Urdu speakers, participated in the show “Ye Karbala Hai”, This is Karbala, which is broadcasted live on Imam Hussain’s Urdu channel.

During this visit, Mohsin Mansouri, one of the officials of Imam Hussain Media Group, briefed the honorable guest on the activities of the organization.

A copy of the book Safinat-un-Najat, one of the books published by the media group, was presented as a memento to Syed Shujaat Razvi and the accompanying delegation.

He was also hosted by Hujjat-ul-Islam wal-Muslimeen Sheikh Mustafa Mohammadi, Secretary General of the Media Group.

In this meeting, Sheikh Mustafa Mohammadi discussed the necessity and ways to facilitate the affairs of Pakistani pilgrims who visit the holy shrines in Iraq. It is worth mentioning that Farhan Ali Waris was one of the special guests of the Shia Voice television competition in London, which was broadcast in English on Imam Hussain TV3 last Ramadan.

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