Grand Ayatollah Shirazi

Grand Ayatollah Shirazi remarks on some rulings of Salaat

The daily scholarly meeting of Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Sadegh al-Hosseini al-Shirazi was held on Tuesday, the 18th of Rajab. In this session, just like the previous meetings, the Marja answered the questions of the attendees about various jurisprudence issues.

Grand Ayatollah Shirazi said: It is not permissible to repeat the surah in an obligatory Salaat, that is, reciting two surahs in one rak’ah is not allowed, but doing so is alright in mustahab Salaat or Prayer.

His Eminance continued: Reciting Qur’an, dua and Zikr of God Almighty in any place of the prayer does not make it invalid. Of course, narrations from the Ahlul-Bayt have instructed us against this practice, but this instruction translates into “Karaha”.

Regarding the ruling of reciting dua in Farsi language in Qunut, the Marja said: Some jurists, including the late Sheikh Sadouq and the late Sahib Jawahir, believe that there is no problem in reciting Qunut in Persian, and that Qunut prayers can be recited in any other language other than Arabic. However, some jurists have raised objections to this ruling and said that if someone can pray in Arabic, they should not pray in another language.

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