French Muslim Professionals Leaving France in ‘Brain Drain’ Amid Discrimination

Highly-qualified French citizens from Muslim backgrounds are quietly leaving France in a “brain drain”, seeking new opportunities abroad in cities like London, New York, and Dubai, France 24 reported last week.

A recent study found that 71% of over 1,000 respondents left France due to experiences of racism and discrimination, the article mentioned.

The descendants of Muslim immigrants in France report living in an increasingly hostile environment, with policies like the ban on religious symbols in public schools disproportionately affecting Muslim women.

Data shows people “perceived as black or Arab” are 20 times more likely to face identity checks, and job applicants with North African-sounding names have a 50% lower chance of being called.

Facing a “glass ceiling” and a political shift to the right, many French Muslims feel they are treated as “second-class citizens” in their own country.

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