UK, Bangladesh Strengthen Partnership to Combat Illegal Migration

In a significant move to address the issue of illegal migration, the UK government has signed a new agreement with Bangladesh to streamline the process of returning migrants without legal rights to remain in the country, UK Government website reported today.

The agreement was reached during the first Joint Working Group on Home Affairs held in London this week, where both nations committed to enhancing their partnership and cooperation on economic, cultural, and social matters.

The new returns agreement will expedite the removal of failed asylum seekers, foreign national offenders, and individuals who have overstayed their visas.

According to the website, by eliminating the mandatory interview requirement in certain cases with sufficient supporting evidence, the process will be significantly streamlined.

“Speeding up removals is a vital part of our plan to stop people coming or staying here illegally,” said Michael Tomlinson, the UK’s Minister for Countering Illegal Migration. “Bangladesh is a valued partner, and it is fantastic that we are bolstering our ties with them on this and a range of other issues.”

The Joint Working Group also agreed to facilitate legal migration, tackle visa abuse, improve data sharing, and enhance cooperation in addressing serious organized crime.

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