Bangladesh refuses to accept more Rohingyas from Myanmar despite growing calls

Bangladesh is under increasing pressure to accept more Rohingya Muslims fleeing the civil war in Myanmar, but the government insists it cannot take in any more refugees, NIKKEI Asia reported.

The UNHCR is urging Bangladesh to allow civilians fleeing the conflict to seek safety, but the government is firm in its stance, claiming it already hosts over a million Rohingya refugees and refusing to accept any more as it considers the existing refugees both a financial and security problem.

Recently, the UNHCR requested Bangladesh to accept 900 Rohingya people waiting at various border points due to acute humanitarian conditions, but Bangladesh rejected the request, citing the existing burden of hosting refugees.

With Myanmar engulfed in conflict, repatriation seems unlikely, and concerns are growing about the impact on Bangladesh and other neighboring countries.

Some experts suggest finding new solutions, such as creating a safe zone for Myanmar nationals with the help of the International Red Cross.

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