Shiekh Muhtadi Bahrani Message to Grand Ayatollah Sayid Sadiq Shirazi :

I ask Allah to give you more strength and health in all what you give to Islam and Muslims and mankind, from intellectual producing, such as: Feqh (Islamic Law), beliefs, Ethics, Love of Ahlulbayt, social issues, politic attitudes as needed, support Imam Hussein Rituals and clear it and to show the original rituals and expel the unoriginal, finally your defending of oppressed people and support charitable projects and Islamic media. My Master, I thank you for showing kindness before the death of your brother Imam Shirazi, this is my tongue which is like my writings, can’t describe my thanks and my actions. My Master, I thank you to give me one hour and ten minutes from your valuable time in the second day ofMuharram this year, though you are tired and have many responsibilities, this thing has effected me in high spirits. My Master, you are still the dependable and trustworthy who we are returning to, and from your faith and spirit we gain the light of knowledge and purity of faithful and straight soul. Your Majesty has granted me many things from your views which we know if from your great school. My Master, I have known you for decades, and you are still the best in knowledge, piety and morality and one of few experts in Islamic scholars (Faqih or Mujtahid) who opens the peaks rightness by his wisdom. Because they refuses the down life and only satisfy if it satisfies Allah and for what has in it guidance, good and benefit for the people. We have talked for an hour and ten minutes, as a teacher and his pupil regarding many issues which are very important, such as: Islamic law, political, family, social, management, administrative, disputes in Islamic community and other things I cannot talk about. My Master Shirazi, who is a great human. Your school teach us the guidance path and moderation, we also learn from you the piety, morality and the good deeds. What great answers you have given me! Moreover, the most wonderful answers are your answers about my criticism to some people in our party in their administrative behaviour. When I have asked you about our nation situation and Shia tragedies, you have shown a confident smile andhave said: “It is like a travail, so we need to be patient and afford this cost.” (“You shall certainly be tried respecting your wealth and your souls, and you shall certainly hear from those who have been given the Book before you and from those who are polytheists much annoying talk” The Family of Omran , verse: 186 ) I also have asked you about your opinion regarding the use of offensive language against who differs from you and you have told me in a calm/quite manner as always: “Our Shiekh, you have known me well for decades , this is not my behaviour..” Then, I immediately have remembered what Allah has said in Qur’an and you are a good model of it: (” Call to the way of your Lord with wisdom and goodly exhortation, and have disputes with them in best manner, surely your Lord knows best those who go astray from His path, and He know best those who follow the right way” The Bee , 125) Also, I have asked you about Bara’ah week ( Announce the rejections from Ahlulbayt killers during one week )and you have answered: “I am not the creator of this week and not the caller of it. yes we call to reject (Bara’uh) Ahlulbayt enemies as Qur’an and Hadith have stated. If someone follow us take it and put it in his own way, we are not the responsible about his work. The channel which we take full responsibility of is (Marjaeyat TV) and our representative offices as the office statement mentions it. I also have asked you about the seigniory of Faqih (Jurist) and you have told me that you have talked about it before others have done and have mentioned its proofs in Islamic law. They can return to our book ( Politic in Islam) and it’s before 40 years! I have asked you about other Marje’s (Grand Ayatollah’s) and you have told me that you call your lovers to respect them and they see you visit them in their lives and after it. I have asked you about our channels, you have confirmed that it needs more developing in order to to attract more audience. I have asked you about the reason of hatred for you religion party and you have said : “we pay the cost of our independence in our views and statements.” Finally, I have asked you about our low financial resources to complete our projects and make it better, youhave told me a story from your memories with your brother Imam Shirazi: “I was sitting with my dear brother Sayid Mohammad ( May Allah grace him) – who I still sure he is the most knowledge scholar – and the thirdperson was Sayid Mohammad Khathem Qazwini (May Allah grace him). We talked about lending for Islamic projects and Hawza activities, Sayid Qazwini said: ” I couldn’t sleep and I had a debt even if it was a penny! The late brother have commented in a jokey manner: “But I sleep safely and don’t care about many debtswhen Imam Mahdi (May Allah fasten his appearance) will afford it, isn’t these projects are to serve him?!” Thus how we work, Shiekh.. borrow money and borrow more, then legitemate rights come by Imam Mahdi blessing and we afford the debts. we repeat it again and again and don’t repent! Sometimes the creditor meet Allah and he has some thing about it but forgive us from what he will see of these projects and benefits. So we still believe that if these projects for Allah, will generate goods to itself and benefactors gradually. Shiekh, you spent about 40 years in Writing, producing, establishing Institutions, continue, this life is our chance to supply and it will not repeat again, I thank you very much Your Majesty for these (pieces of) advice, we hope to stay guided with it. Finally as It is said: “the sealing of it is (with) musk”. I can’t forget the fifth day of Muharram, where I have come to Imam Hussain’s Majlis in your house to farewell you and return to Bahrain and you have recited this verse: ( ” And what reason have we that we should not rely on Allah? And He has indeed guided us in our ways, And certainly we would bear with patience your persecution of us, And on Allah should the relliant rely” Ibraheem , 12 ) Then you have said “I advise you to inspire from this verse the motives to continue and good patience, don’t retreat from harmful types.. As you know I pray for you by name for years!! Thses words are very lovely ! From a pious heart and a merciful soul, a jovial face, lovely, and patience.. My Master! your words have engraved its meanings in my existence atoms which are lights of right path and make me bear the greatest confidence to complete the way that you illustrate, this is my will to serve the right (Islam) for all my life.. My Master! I apologize for any deceleration. Also, I ask for your forgiveness because of my greed when I have wanted your cane in the last minute of this farewell! This good greed has leaded me to ask your son Ayatollah Sayid Hussein (May Allah prolong his life) to give me your old cane which you don’t need . Instead, he has gifted me your current cane and has confirmed : ” I am sure that my father will be pleased if you take this cane and we will buy him another one”. At first, I haven’t accepted until he has added :” Our Shiekh, you might don’t know how much my father love you personally and consider you as his son, he always praise you when we talk with him and mention your name”. I am proud of this , which have given me the courage to take your cane for blessing and as souvenir. May Allah save you and prolong your life, and strengthen you with health and all your comrades who work with you. I ask him by Mohammad and his pure progeny.

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