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Millions of Shia pilgrims visit Askariyyan Holy Shrine on Fridays

Al-Askariyyan Holy Shrine in the holy city of Samarra continues to hosts, on Fridays, massive numbers of pilgrims from different Iraqi provinces and cities, as well as pilgrims coming from Arab and foreign countries.

Shia Waves correspondent in the city said: “Large numbers of pilgrims flock from the early morning to the holy city of Samarra to perform the blessed visit to the shrine of the two Infallible Imams Ali Al-Hadi and Hassan Al-Askari, peace be upon them.”

He added: “The Holy Shrine’s administration, in response to the increasing number of pilgrims on every Friday, prepares special programs to receive and provide them with the necessary services.”

He stressed that “the state of security and the expansion of the services provided have had a positive impact on increasing the numbers of pilgrims, which now reach a million on Fridays.

Shia followers of Ahlulbayt, peace be upon them, are used to visiting the shrines of the two Imams and the other Imams, peace be upon them, as it is a powerful spiritual experience for them; and a time to renew their faith, to seek blessings, and to connect with their spiritual leaders.

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