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Pakistan: Largest Shia mosque is now under construction in Barachinare

The city of Barachinare, west of the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, is witnessing the construction of the largest Shia mosque in the city, to hold religious ceremonies and revive the rituals of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him.

Media reports, viewed by Shia Waves Agency, sais that “the central mosque of Barachinare is under construction at a rapid pace, and it is being constructed a very large area to accommodate thousands of worshipers.”

The media outlets pointed out that “the mosque’s administrators are keen to complete and open it before the advent of the great month of Ramadan,” noting that “this mosque will be the central mosque in the city and the largest ever.”

They quoted the administrators as saying: “The mosque will accommodate thousands of worshipers daily, as well as mourners who participate in reviving the rituals of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him.”

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