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Shia Muslims begin mourning ceremonies in commemoration of Sayyeda Sukaiyna ‘s death anniversary

Shia centres, organizations and Husseiniyahs all over the world have begun their mourning ceremonies and activities in commemoration of the death anniversary of Sayyeda Sukaiyna bint Al-Hussein, peace be upon them.

Shia Waves Agency recorded today, Wednesday, some of the mourning ceremonies and processions that have already begun to commemorate this sorrowful occasion, which is to be held tomorrow, corresponding to the 5th of Rabi-u-Awwal.

The lovers of Ahlulbayt, peace be upon them, confirmed that Sayyeda Sukaiyna’s life was that of pain and agony following the martyrdom of her father Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, and then she and the other family members were taken captives to Sham.

According to historians, Sayyeda Sukaiyna’s age was 14 when the battle of Karbala took place. Over this period of time, she had been brought up on the true Muhammadan religion by her father Imam Hussein, peace be upon them.

Historians and biographers stress thaa “the upbringing Sayyeda Sukaiyna received from her father Imam Hussein, peace be upon them, had a profound effect on shaping the religious, scientific, moral and social aspects of her life.”

They add that “Sayyeda Sukaiyna, peace be upon her, lived for around 70 years and she was the most prominent amongst the women of her time as she enjoyed a life full of knowledge, fiqh and social activities.”

It should be mentioned that Sayyeda Sukaiyna, peace be upon her, died in the year 117 A.H, and Imam Al-Sadiq buried her at the cemetery of Baqi in Holy Medina.

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