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Pakistani pilgrims of Holy Arba’een face transport difficulties on their way home

Pakistani news outlets reported on Sunday that a number of Pakistanis had faced difficulties as they were returning to their country after performing Arbaeen Pilgrimage of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, in Holy Karbala.

The reports, followed by Shia Waves Agency, said that “Pakistani polgrims from the regions of Taftan and Ramadan, who entered Iraq through Iran to participate in the Arba’een in Holy Karbala, had difficulty returning to their country.”

They added that “These pilgrims continue to face enormous challenges and difficulties on the borders of Taftan and Ramadan,” stressing that “Officials in the country expressed regret for the mistreatment of their citizens during their return to their country across the Iranian border, and stressed that solving their problems is a religious, legitimate and moral obligation.”

The news reports explained that “The pilgrims also complained about the lack of the necessary government services that enable them to complete their travel, and called on the believers to set up processions and tents to host them and meet their needs.”

Two days ago, about 18 Pakistani pilgrims complained about the difficulty they faced at the Baghdad International Airport after they had lost their passports and were left stranded for days.

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