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Battle of Karbala gives lessons on resisting injustice and oppressive systems, British writer says

The British “AMALIAH” newspaper has published a detailed article by the British psychologist and heath researcher, Afrin Zahraa, affirming that the Quranic principles Imam Hussein’s, peace be upon him, Revolution introduced 14 centuries ago.

In her article headlined “Reviving Karbala Spirit: Upholding the Muslim Identity through Activism and Resistance”, Zahraa says that “When examining the early Islamic history, there are multiple examples for activism and residence such as the Incident of Karbala, which inspires us to march forward in our journey against injustice.”

The British researcher adds that “Such journeys are long and full of difficulties, obstacles and loneliness,” emphasizing that “To stand in the face of injustice mostly means to defy systematic trajectories with least resistance; which give priority to comfort and maintaining the existence state of affairs, making it easier to get along with injustice instead of confronting it.”

She continues “When confronting such deeply-rooted social mindsets, which perpetuate injustice and world oppressive systems – resistance becomes futile – amidst all this Karbala can provide encouragement and hope to continue.”

The writer, who is Sunni, points out that “Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, faced with a few companions an army that outnumbered his army. Although he knew that his path with full of perils and sacrifices, yet he chose to fight Yazid and his followers.”

Zahraa concludes her article by saying that “The Master of Martyrs, peace be upon him, made it clear that the individual’s obligation is not determined by the probability of success; but it is to be determined by being committed to the truth and the rejection of injustice.”

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