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Imam Hussein Holy Shrine launches its 3rd annual forum: “Hussaini Preachers and Missionaries”

In preparation for the instructive and mourning ceremonies during months of Muharram and Safar, the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine has launched its 3rd Annual Forum for Hussaini Preachers and Missionaries, titled “The Hussaini Pulpit: A Timeless School”.

Sheikh Karar al-Khafaji, head of the Religious Affairs Department, stated that the forum aims to shed light on what should be presented to the Shia community, especially as we approach the months of Muharram and Safar, the months of preaching and public speaking.

Al-Khafaji explained that the forum has a positive impact on society through the exchange of ideas among preachers about what is being discussed and what the community needs.

He stressed that these forums develop a state of culture and increase awareness among individuals in this category, as they bring together experienced individuals, beginners, and those with diverse experiences in different communities.

The forum included discussions on intensifying Hussaini preaching and addressing the issues facing the community, highlighting the importance of developing the skills of preachers to make their preaching more impactful.

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