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Great Mosque of Kufa launches 13th International Cultural Ambassador Festival

The Secretariat-General of the Great Mosque of Kufa launched the activities of the 13th International Cultural Ambassador Festival on Sunday, under the slogan “Kufa: The Story of Embassy and the Future of Civilization,” in celebration of the 5th of blessed Shawwal, which marks the arrival of the ambassador Muslim ibn Aqil, peace be upon him, the envoy of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, to Kufa in the year 60 AH.

Shia News correspondent in Holy Najaf reported that the festival will continue over the course of 3 days, with the participation of representatives from 23 Arab, Islamic, and foreign countries. The events within the festival include intellectual, cultural, media, artistic, poetic, and literary activities.

He added that the festival activities include competitions in Arabic calligraphy and short documentary storytelling, in addition to a photography exhibition and the distribution of cash and in-kind prizes to the winners, along with various displays of items from the Secretariat.

Participants have expressed their happiness at the notable cultural presence at the festival, with various activities showcasing a diverse range of cultural and intellectual engagements.

They noted that the diverse attendance from all provinces and Arab and Islamic countries gives the festival a global, historical, and informative significance, highlighting its unique cultural contribution to the city of Kufa and Holy Najaf.

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