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Holy Karbala to launch 17th Rabi Al-Shahada International Cultural Festival

The Holy City of Karbala is preparing to launch the 17th Rabi Al-Shahada International Cultural Festival under the slogan “Imam Hussein—peace be upon him—the Mobilization of the Free and the Secret of Victory”.

The five-day festival will be launched for the period from 14-18 February, 2024, and will include various religious, cultural and artistic activities to honor the auspicious birth anniversary of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him.

The head of the preparatory committee of the festival Ali Sultan said in a press statement followed by Shia Waves Agency that “the staff and relevant committees, responsible for the organization of the festival, have completed their preparations to hold the festival on time.”

Sultan added: “the event will see the participation of 100 guests from 30 Arab and foreign countries; amid the presence of renowned academic and religious figures.”

He explained: “The festival will witness the presentation of academic papers and sessions will be organized to shed light on the hounorable biographies of Imam Hussein, Sayyeda Zainab, Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas and Imam Hussein’s companions, peace be upon them.”

Sultan pointed out: “Rabi’ Al-Shahada International Cultural Festival will also host the 18th Karbala International Book Fair with about 75 thousand titles from 99 local and international publishing houses.”

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