57 rights organizations urge UN inquiry into abuses in Yemen

Dozens of rights groups from around the world have urged the United Nations Human Rights Council to launch an independent investigation into the rights violations committed in Yemen since a Saudi-led military coalition invaded the country.

3,500 Rohingya Muslims flee Myanmar for Bangladesh

Leaders of the Rohingya Muslim community in Bangladesh say at least 3,500 members have arrived in the country since Myanmar’s authorities announced a military buildup in the western state of Rakhine about ten days ago.

Racists Targeting Mosques across Spain

Vandals attacked a Spanish mosque with racist graffiti – the latest in a spate of Islamophobic assaults in the country since Thursday’s terror attack in Barcelona.

Halal Food Festival back in London

Visitors gathered on Saturday, August 19, at London’s Tobacco Dock during the London Halal Food Festival, which took place on August 19-20.

SRW discusses with Canadian PM troubled Middle East

The International Organization of Shia Rights Watch and Canadian President Justin Trudeau discussed the extraordinary situations facing the peoples and countries of the Middle East, especially those suffering from destabilizing security.

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