ISWF: Nations to protect the lives of Palestinian civilians.

The Imam al-Shirazi World Foundation stated that “it is seeking help and protection from the almighty Allah for the oppressed innocent people in Palestine after the Israeli army killing and abusing them in a barbaric way, not respecting souls, the sanctity of innocent bloods or children and elderly people.

2018 worst year for Syria humanitarian situation: UN

The UN Humanitarian coordinator for Syria has warned that the country is currently experiencing its worst humanitarian crisis since a foreign-backed crisis erupted in the country seven years ago.

Justin Trudeau Wishes Muslims a Blessed Ramadan

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau congratulated Muslims in Canada and around the world on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan on Tuesday, reflecting “on values such as compassion, gratitude and generosity.”

Armed men slit throats of Shia worshipers at Durban mosque

A terrorist attack has taken place when three men armed with guns and knives slit the throats of three Shia worshipers at Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, mosque near Durban in South Africa and a person was killed, an emergency service official said on Thursday.

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