New mosque opens in Netherlands

A mosque named the Tawheed Mosque was opened earlier this week in Venlo city, southeast of the Netherlands, in a ceremony attended by Ali Arbash, head of Turkish Dianat (religious affairs) department. 

Britain’s responsibility for carnage in Yemen

In his illuminating long read (‘They couldn’t do it without us’: the UK’s role in Yemen’s deadly war, 18 June), Arron Merat describes the increasingly shaky claims made by ministers that the 

Pope: Dialogue, partnership with Muslims necessary

Pope Francis called Friday for an overhaul of the way theology is taught in Catholic schools, saying students must learn about dialogue with Judaism and Islam, and that overall there must be 

700-year-old mosque restored in Turkey’s Antalya

A 700-year-old mosque has been restored in southern Turkey's Antalya province after excavations unearthed the pieces of the structure dating back to the Anatolian beyliks' rule in the region.

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