Armed men slit throats of Shia worshipers at Durban mosque

A terrorist attack has taken place when three men armed with guns and knives slit the throats of three Shia worshipers at Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, mosque near Durban in South Africa and a person was killed, an emergency service official said on Thursday.

Sweden allows mosque call to prayer

Swedish police Tuesday granted a mosque permission to hold a weekly call to prayer, triggering divisions among politicians and the public, five months ahead of elections in a country which has taken in waves of asylum seekers in recent years.

Free Muslim condemns terrorist bombings in Nigeria

The International Non-Violence Organization, Free Muslim, has expressed its strong condemnation over the terrorist bombings that have afflicted innocent people in Nigeria, stressing its solidarity with the Nigerian people and the victims.

A hate crime has taken place at a mosque in Scotland

Strips of bacon were left on the door handle of a mosque in Scotland. The racist attack on Dunfermline Central Mosque and Islamic Center happened sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning. 

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