Shiat Ali foundation prepares to hold Grand Fatimya Festival

Shiat Ali Foundation in Essen city, Germany prepares to hold the Grand Fatimyah Festival under the slogan of ‘oh Allah Hasten the reappearance of your vicegerent’ marking the martyrdom anniversary of Lady Fatima al-Zahra, peace be upon her, on Thursday and for four days.

East London primary school backs down over hijab ban

A primary school that controversially banned pupils from wearing hijabs appears to have backed down after the chair of governors announced his resignation following complaints from parents.

Germany stops arms sales to Saudi Arabia

Germany has stopped selling weapons to Saudi Arabia and almost all of its allies waging war on Yemen, in a decision likely to have both an impact on the Riyadh regime and a domino effect on other Western and non-Western countries exporting arms to Saudi Arabia.

Finding halal food in South Korea easier than ever

A mostly Muslim county in western China has banned children from attending religious events over a winter break, an education bureau said in a notice posted online, as authorities step up control of religious education.

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