Yemen health system mangled as cholera bites: UN envoy

The United Nations’ Yemen envoy says more than seven million people are facing the risk of famine in the impoverished country, which has been under incessant Saudi attacks for more than two years.

SRW publishes its monthly report

Shia Rights Watch International Organization published the latest monthly report of the anti-Shia movements in May 2017.

Muslims in Portland Thank Community after Deadly Stabbing

Muslims in Portland, the US state of Oregon, thanked the community for its support and said they were raising money for the families of two men who were killed when they came to the defense of two young women who were targeted by an anti-Muslim rant.

Chinese authorities confiscate Qurans from Uyghur Muslims

Authorities in northwestern China’s Xinjiang region are confiscating all Qurans published more than five years ago due to allegations of “extremist content,” according to local officials, amid an ongoing campaign against the so-called “illegal” religious items owned by mostly Muslim ethnic Uyghur residents.

International conference on takfiri threats in Denmark

A conference on the 'Danger of Takfir and Radicalism on Global Peaceful Coexistence' inaugurated in Danish Capital's Imam Ali mosque in which several religious figures and missionaries took part.

HRW, SRW slam destabilizing violence in Bahrain

The Human Rights Watch and Shia Rights Watch International Organizations have condemned the brutal violence by the Bahraini regime forces against protesters in a northwestern village as a crackdown on freedom of expression.

Free Muslim condemns Manchester attack, condoles victims' families

The Non-violence International Organization Free Muslim expressed, in the strongest terms, its condemnation over the terrorist attack against unarmed civilians in the British city of Manchester, expressing its solidarity with the British people, government and the innocent victims.

Rising number of Muslims travelling to Japan

The total number of people traveling to Japan in 2016 was above 24 million, a figure that is more than the 20 million target set by the national government for 2020.

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