Germans do not see Islam part of Society

A slight majority of Germans have rejected a famous statement by former President Christian Wulff that “Islam is now part of Germany”, with a similar percentage viewing anti-Islam actions as equally deplorable as anti-Semitism.

Muhammad is Britain's most popular name

Mohammed, the name of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and his progeny, has become the most popular name for new-born babies in England and Wales in 2013.

Dutch exhibit explores new Muslims' life

Offering a deep insight into the lives of Dutch reverts to Islam, a new exhibition is held in the Amsterdam Museum which puts a spotlight on increasing number of reversions and elaborates upon the spiritual process as well as the practical aspects of this change.

Brooklyn anti-Muslims attacks soar

Twin racial attacks at Brooklyn mosque over the weekend have drawn the ire of the Muslim community and city officials who condemned the soaring anti-Muslims attacks in the last two weeks.

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