Bangladesh probes 'Peace Schools' after ban on Naik's Peace TV

Bangladesh on Wednesday launched a probe on schools bearing the name 'Peace', suspecting them to be linked with controversial Indian Islamic preacher Zakir Naik's 'Peace TV' which was banned this week over allegations of inspiring terrorists.

Muslim’s restaurant feeds DC homeless for free

The owner of a Kebab restaurant in Washington DC has been offering free meals to the homeless on a daily basis for the past few months, opening doors for an audience that’s rarely welcome in elegant eateries.

Quran Desecration in Czech Republic

Czech Islamophobes burnt pages of Quran before the local mosque in Brno, at a permitted public rally called by the Martin Konvicka Initiative group Tuesday.

Germany to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia

As Saudi Arabia continues its brutal military campaign in Yemen, the German government has approved several arms export deals to Riyadh.

Solidarity stand with Karrada martyrs

In light of the recent massacre where ISIS terrorists killed over 200 civilians in Iraq, Shia Muslims established an event to take a solidarity stand at Marble Arch.


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