Norway Muslims take to capital's streets to protest

Thousands of people from all walks of life gathered outside the Norwegian capital’s Parliament building late Monday to show contempt for statements made by a spokesperson for a hard-line Islamist group who had defended decapitation "as a way of executing war criminals.”

Shia mosque attacked in Istanbul

A group of around 30 people have attacked a Shia mosque, called Imam Ali Mosque, which is under construction, in Poyok Chekmacha neighbourhood, chanting slogans “we don’t want Shia mosques to be constructed."

Mohammad, most popular name in Oslo

A new count of the population of Norway's capital city Oslo has revealed that Mohammad, the name of Islam’s Prophet, peace be upon him and his progeny, is the most common name for the first time ever in the European capital’s history.

.“Hindu” India sparks Muslim concerns

A far-right Hindu leader’s recent call declaring that India is a Hindu nation has triggered a political controversy and prompted angry rebukes from the country’s Muslim minority, liberal political parties and human rights activists. 

Russian police targets Crimean Hijab-wearing Muslims

Crimea’s veiled Muslim women have been complaining over being targeted by police for security checks ahead of a visit by Russian president to the black sea peninsula later this week, adding that they are usually treated as enemies on their Facebook profiles.   

India Shia Muslims rise up against ISIL

India Shia Muslims rose up against the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), asserting that the actions of destroying holy sites, supporting sectarianism and spreading hatred in the world cannot be attributed to a true Islamic state.

French politician criticized over Hijab smear

A former French minister has been facing fierce criticism for ridiculing a veiled Muslim woman who was sitting on the beach and circulating her photo on social media under the term of “attack on French culture”.

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