Blue Mosque to Host I’tikaf Ceremony

The Blue Mosque in Yerevan, capital of Armenia, will host Muslim worshipers who are going to attend I’tikaf, which translates to 'seclusion for worship in a mosque', on the 13th to 15th of the lunar month of Rajab.

Concern after suspected ISIS agents visit Durban school

Parents of children at Northwood High School on Thursday raised their concerns after two visitors to the school from Saudi Arabia, accompanied by a South African, handed out a DVD and pamphlets to some matric pupils that they fear promote extremism and could be seen as an attempt to recruit pupils to Islamic State.

Islamic library in Houston opens to the US public

The Executive Director of Islamic Daw'ah Center Ameer Abuhalimeh welcomed on Saturday guests to the opening event of the Library of Islamic Knowledge at the center in Houston. 

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