US Senate passes bill against Saudi sponsors of terrorism

The US Senate passed a bill on Tuesday that would allow American families of victims of attacks committed on US soil to sue foreign states deemed responsible, either directly or by aiding the culprits and their organizations.

Pope calls on France to respect Muslim women

Pope Francis has called on France to respect Muslims in being free to profess their faith, just like the Christians, adding that co-existence between the two faiths could still be possible.

Anti-Islamberg motorcycle rally fizzles as hundreds turn out to support Catskills Muslims

Thirteen "American Bikers United against Jihad" vehicles were driven by hundreds of Islamberg supporters in the Delaware County town of Tompkins on Sunday, May 15. A planned motorcycle protest against Islamberg, an African-American Sufi Muslim community in the Catskills, backfired on its organizers when they were vastly outnumbered by hundreds of cheering Islamberg supporters who gathered to defend the community from charges that it is an “Islamic jihad training camp.”

Islamophobia in France on the rise

Islamophobic attacks in France are on the rise, French Council of Muslim Faith President Anouar Kbibeche said Monday.

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