Ex-PEGIDA leader apologizes to Muslims

After months of leading anti-Muslim protests in Germany, the former leader of the so-called anti-Islam PEGIDA movement has apologized to Muslims from spreading a campaign of hatred across Europe

Hijab ban in Kyrgyz school irks Muslims

A decision by a Kyrgyz region to ban hijab in schools has sparked concerns among Muslims, amid reports that the ban may be applied across the country by next autumn

More than 30% of Arab youth jobless

A top labour official said that more than 30 percent of young Arabs are jobless because of unrest in many Arab nations and not enough investment

Free Muslim Organization calls on Obama to urge Gulf leaders respecting human rights

After the announcement of the president of the United States, Barack Obama to host a number of Gulf leaders during the next month, Non- Violence World Organization (Free Muslim) has called on President Obama to urge them respect human rights and to do democratic reformations in their countries, along with ending sectarian discrimination practiced by many countries especially towards their Shia citizens in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia

Saudi airstrikes target mosques in Yemen and Saudi military spokesman prays with his shoes

Saudi media leaked a photo for the spokesman of Saudi military Ahmed Asiri while he was praying wearing his shoes. The photo made controversy over the possibility of praying while wearing ones shoes. According to the fatwas of Sunni scholars, one is allowed to pray with his/her slippers or shoes as this contradicts with what Jews do during their prayers

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