Japan to host 1st International Halal Expo (Japan)

Japan will host its first international forum and exhibition for halal environment and business later this year to raise awareness about the thriving industry in the far-east Asian country.

Muslims using social media to separate themselves from takfiri groups (World)

Muslims of the world are separating themselves from extremist groups such as ISIS by using social media with #NotInMyName. The violent actions of ISIS have drawn the eyes of the world to Islam, and sadly many outsiders looking in do not understand what real Islam stands for. . The social media hashtag #NotInMyName has since been created to give Muslims a voice against ISIS.

ISIS-branded merchandise sold on Amazon and Facebook (World)

Despite Facebook’s claims that a cluster of pages peddling ISIS goods would be taken down, recent searches show many pages containing merchandise with the terrorist group’s symbols still remain on the most popular social-media site in the world.

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