Library in Berlin says owns oldest surviving pages of Quran

A Swiss laboratory has reportedly confirmed through radiocarbon dating that parchment pages from a Quran copy date back to no more than 20 years after the martyrdom of the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him and his progeny

Michigan Muslims preserve religion in campus

In a multi-religious community, Muslim students in Michigan State University (MSU) are keen on preserving their religious practices and finding time to take a break and pray to Allah in their diverse campus

Stereotyping Muslim names in German textbooks draws ire

A German government research showing stereotyping of Muslims in school textbooks has triggered condemnations from leaders of the religious community, warning that such content emphasizes frictions and conflicts between German society and immigrants

Britain’s first Muslim radio approved

The British media regulator has awarded a license for new radio stations, including the first national radio directed to Muslims in the country

British Museum showcases true Islam

As the so-called Islamic State continues destroying historical sites in cities under its control, the British Museum plans to open two galleries for its Islamic artifacts to dispel misconceptions surrounding the faith

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