People build wall of compassion at Boston Mosque

Showing solidarity with the Muslim community, about 200 people gathered at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, building a “Human Wall of Compassion” against recent anti-Muslim attacks.

Budapest to host Quranic manuscript conference

The center for religious studies at the Central European University, Budapest is going to host a conference on Quranic Manuscript Studies: State of the Field on May 4-6, 2017.

Muslim doctors serve Ohio needy

As Islamophobia increases across the west, Muslim doctors at the Noor Community Clinic, aka Muslim Clinic of Ohio continue to serve the under-insured and under-served, an effort kicked off seven years ago.

HRW: ISIS used Mosul hospital as military base

As the battle for Mosul unfolds, ISIS is regularly occupying medical facilities and placing civilians and staff there at risk of incoming attacks, according to Lama Fakih, the deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch said.

Canadian officials visit Ayatollah Shirazi representative in Montreal

Claude Dauphin, President of La Sien Municipal Council, and Bryan Cunningham, Montreal police deputy manager visited Sheikh Salih Sebaweih, Ayatollah Shirazi’s representative in Canada, in the Iranian Islamic Center to express their condemnation over the terrorist attack on the Quebec City mosque.

UN: $50 million required to clear ISIS’ mines in Mosul

The United Nations says it costs as much as $50 million to remove all mines, explosive devices and booby traps left by the ISIS terrorist group in and around the Iraqi city of Mosul, as government forces and allies prepare for a new stage of liberation operations in the Takfiri group’s last stronghold on Iraqi soil.

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