Modest fashion now on offer in heart of Italy

Just a couple of months before Italy’s most populist government of recent years came to power, a very different kind of enterprise began in Bologna, a city known for its gourmet culture and historic university. Hijab Paradise is the brainchild of the ­Moroccan-born Italian Keltoum Kamal Idrissi and her best friend FatihaMouradi.

Yemen crisis: Saudi coalition demands Houthis' unconditional withdrawal

The UN’s hopes of negotiating a ceasefire with Houthi rebels in the vital port of Hodeidah in Yemen appear to have been dashed after the Saudi-led coalition backing the Yemeni government said it would only accept the rebels’ unconditional withdrawal from the area.

Warwick to offer 1st Islamic studies access course in Britain

Starting next academic year, the University of Warwick will offer a one term course, the “Postgraduate Award in Islamic Education”, which is designed to bridge the gap between Islamic seminaries and modern tertiary education.

Thousands unite in Karbala to perform Eid prayer

As we have reached the end of the holy month of Ramadan, all Muslims around the world are celebrating this great event and are performing the special prayer associated with it.

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