Buddhists attack mosques, Muslim shops in Sri Lanka

The tense situation that had prevailed in the Ampara town in eastern Sri Lanka Monday night after a group of Buddhists attacked a Muslim shop and a mosque, has presently been brought under control, police said on Tuesday.

Special permit approved for mosque in Indiana Town

The board of zoning appeals in Carmel, US state of Indiana, approved a special use permit for the Al Salam Foundation to build an Islamic Life Center and Mosque at their board meeting Monday evening.

HRW: China fuels crackdown in minority region

Chinese authorities are building and deploying a predictive policing program based on big data analysis in Xinjiang, Human Rights Watch said on Monday. 

Imam Ali Islamic Center in Stockholm to host I’tikaf

The Imam Ali, peace be upon him, Islamic Center in Stockholm, Sweden, will host Muslim worshipers who are going to attend I’tikaf (seclusion for worship in a mosque) on the 13th to 15th of the lunar month of Rajab.

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