Title Published Date
Lack of mosques forces Italian Muslims to pray in supermarkets and car parks 28 May 2015
Rights activists in Germany stand in solidarity with Bahrain 28 May 2015
Anti-terror police arrest three men and a woman in raids across Germany over plot to blow up mosques 11 May 2015
School fined for telling Muslim to 'taste' pork in Denmark 11 May 2015
Dutch young Muslims hand out free Qurans 29 April 2015
German radio airs weekly Quran interpretation program 23 April 2015
Islamic University to Open in Lecce, Italy 19 April 2015
Spanish Muslims want better Islamic education 11 April 2015
Books on Islam sell out in France 06 April 2015
Library in Berlin says owns oldest surviving pages of Quran 05 April 2015
Quran Interpretation in Russian Published in Moscow 01 April 2015
Pregnant Muslim mother suffers violent 'Islamophobic' attack for wearing a headscarf In France 31 March 2015
Britain’s first Muslim radio approved 29 March 2015
Dozens protest in front of Saudi embassy in Brussels 29 March 2015
British Museum showcases true Islam 29 March 2015
Europe states to buy stolen Iraqi artifacts from IS 27 March 2015
'Journey through the Quran' to be held in London in Ramadan 22 March 2015
Copenhagen modern mosque approved 18 March 2015
Free Muslim Organization hails Swedish government's cancellation of arm deal with tyrant regimes 18 March 2015
German soccer player says Islam changed his life for better 16 March 2015

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