Title Published Date
Italian Supreme Court nullifies Lombardy’s ‘anti-Mosque’ law 29 February 2016
Muslims in Brussels sue minister over halal slaughter ban 18 February 2016
‘Islamic State’Terrorists setting up terror training camps in Europe 30 January 2016
Islamophobia conference held 14 December 2015
Man pushes Muslim woman into oncoming underground train in London 19 November 2015
Islamophobic fire attack on European mosques 17 November 2015
Islamophobic fire attack on European mosques 16 November 2015
Halal Trade Rising in Russia, Europe 14 November 2015
Organizers of WHO IS HUSSEIN campaign distribute leaflet and flower to promote Hussaini culture in Europe and America 27 October 2015
Adam Center holds symposium on recent immigration to Europe 04 October 2015
Bulgarian Church joins Anti-Muslim, Anti-Refugee chain of Europe 28 September 2015
Islamaphobia rising in Eastern Europe amid ongoing refugee crisis Poland 20 September 2015
Romania new mosque sparks anti-Muslim backlash 16 August 2015
Imam Hussein Holy Shrine opens religious schools abroad (World) 16 August 2015
Report shows Muslims' contribution to social enrichment in Europe 27 July 2015
6000 Muslims attend New Zealand Eid festival 21 July 2015
Austere brand of Islam on rise in Europe, stirring concerns 27 June 2015
Lack of mosques forces Italian Muslims to pray in supermarkets and car parks 28 May 2015
Rights activists in Germany stand in solidarity with Bahrain 28 May 2015
Anti-terror police arrest three men and a woman in raids across Germany over plot to blow up mosques 11 May 2015

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