Title Published Date
Anti-Islam group beheads dummy in protest of Bendigo Mosque and Australian MP urges not to block mosques 06 October 2015
Aussie education ambassador defends Islam Australia 30 September 2015
Australian institute launches online campaign to fight anti-Muslim hate speech 29 September 2015
Australian Prime Minister: ISIS worse than Nazis 06 September 2015
Aussie Muslims condemn insulting video of mosques 25 August 2015
Around 300 Australian students visit mosque in Langwarrin, learning about Islam's mercy 18 August 2015
Prayer monitoring irks Aussie Muslim parents 12 August 2015
Muslim woman tells Melbourne Islamaphobia Forum 'racism hurts' 12 August 2015
New Aussie anti-Islamic party guns for 20 per cent of the vote 03 August 2015
Al Yaseen Mosque marks the birth anniversary of Imam Hassan al-Mujtaba, peace be upon him 05 July 2015
Islamaphobia protest against construction of mosque in Australia 28 June 2015
Funeral ceremony for martyrs of Popular Mobilization Forces held at Hussainiyat al-Yaseen in Australia 16 June 2015
Australia mosque comes under 2nd attack this year 19 April 2015
Sydney Muslims rally against Prophet Muhammad blasphemous cartoon 24 January 2015
Shia religious leader shot in face by IS terrorists in Australia 05 November 2014
Australian Muslim Shias travel to Iraq for Ashura despite IS threat 31 October 2014
Australian Muslims 'targeted' by new anti-terror laws 16 September 2014
Australian believers issue a message of love, entitled "Love Muslims 100 Years" 26 August 2014
SRW releases its monthly report of anti-Shia violations 02 August 2014

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