Title Published Date
Grassroots campaign to dispel Islamophobia 14 March 2016
Australian MP posts an offensive tweet about Islam and Prophet Muhammad 26 February 2016
Islamophobia in University of Sydney 26 February 2016
Australian politician proposes 10-year ban on Muslim immigration 25 February 2016
The opening of Sayeda Zainab Seminary School in Australia 17 February 2016
Islamophobic graffiti attack on car 14 February 2016
Photos: Imam Hassan Al-Asskari' birth anniversary ceremony - Husseiniya Rasoul Al-Adham - Adelaide, Australia 20 January 2016
Husseiniyat Al Yassin celebrates the birth anniversaries of the Holy Prophet and his grandson Imam Jafar al-Sadiq, peace be upon them 29 December 2015
Candlelight vigil in solidarity with Shia martyrs of Nigeria & Pakistan held in Melbourne 21 December 2015
Sydney Muslims experience discrimination 30 November 2015
Mourning ceremonies held in Australia on the occasion of Hassani Ten Days 17 November 2015
Mourning ceremonies held in Australia on the occasion of Hassani Ten Days 16 November 2015
ShiaWaves receives document confirming holding Ashura mourning ceremonies in Sydney in 1806 11 November 2015
First Shia school for kids to be opened in Australia 08 November 2015
Aussie Muslims experience discrimination and abuse on a regular basis 07 November 2015
'Alarming emergence' of religious intolerance in Australia 05 November 2015
Arbaeen photo gallery organized in Australia for the first time 04 November 2015
Billboards scorning Christianity and Islam rejected in Australia 28 October 2015
Australia gets anti-Islam political party 21 October 2015
Outstanding participation of new converts in Australia’s Muharram mourning ceremonies 20 October 2015

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