Title Published Date
Tajikistan: Opening of the largest mosque in Central Asia 05 February 2020
Five Japanese embrace Islam every month and Tokyo embraces one of the largest mosques in Asia 22 June 2019
15 suspended Tory Islamophobia row councillors quietly reinstated. 27 March 2019
Activities of Imam Hussein Holy Shrine reach Asian and African countries 18 July 2018
23 suicide bombings and 1387 deaths in terrorism shook Pakistan in 2017 02 January 2018
Daesh militants fleeing from Iraq, Syria create new threat in South-Eastern Asia 05 October 2017
Millions of mourners commemorate Ashura 01 October 2017
Japanese logistics giant launches halal food services 04 May 2017
Hijab ban in Kyrgyz school irks Muslims 29 April 2015
Muslim family gets jail for practicing religion in China 31 March 2015
Indian soldiers attack Shia mourners in Kashmir 05 November 2014
Indonesian scholar says Nahj-ul-Balagha is an interpretation of the Holy Quran 29 October 2014
Islamic books exhibition concluded in New Delhi 29 October 2014
Concerns over rise of Salafism in the country 22 October 2014
World halal expo 2014 to be held in Thailand 13 October 2014
Sri Lanka president says Quran helps Muslims to live in harmony 09 October 2014
200,000 Indian volunteers to join against IS terrorists in Iraq 09 October 2014
Radical Myanmar and Sri Lankan Buddhists gang against Muslim minorities 03 October 2014
Japan to host 1st International Halal Expo (Japan) 30 September 2014
Quran reading course planned in Singapore 22 September 2014


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