Title Published Date
GOP candidate says no US Muslim president 21 September 2015
New billboard campaign in San Diego presents true image of Islam United States 20 September 2015
Americans rally outside Mohamed’s school in Texas 19 September 2015
Texas Muslim student arrested for inventing clock 17 September 2015
Muslim flight attendant suspended for refusing to serve alcohol 07 September 2015
US Muslims hope new billboards reclaim Islam's message 06 September 2015
Imam Shirazi World Foundation warns of deteriorating educational system in the Middle East 06 September 2015
American Muslim youth community organizes annual halal food festival 18 August 2015
Detroit-area Muslims unnerved by FBI surveillance plane circling above 08 August 2015
US veiled student named (best dressed) 02 July 2015
Minnesota mosques invite non-Muslims during Ramadan 28 June 2015
US Muslims demand end of China Ramadan ban 25 June 2015
Significant rise in number of Muslims fasting in Latin America 24 June 2015
American Muslims urge communities to defeat hatred with tolerance 23 June 2015
Muslim campaign urging Americans to “Discover Muhammad, peace be upon him and his progeny 18 June 2015
Muslims and non-Muslims come together at festival 16 June 2015
Muslims sue NYPD over surveillance of mosques 16 January 2015
Islamic calligraphy exhibition opened in Washington D.C. 03 November 2014
Ashura mourning ceremonies in Islamic Cultural Center of California 03 November 2014
Canadians scrub hate messages off mosque 29 October 2014

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