Title Published Date
Imam Shirazi World Foundation rejects all kinds of invasion 15 December 2015
Google CEO writes open letter supporting Muslims 14 December 2015
American Muslim doctors feel greater scrutiny at work 14 December 2015
Two California mosques vandalized 14 December 2015
Group’s plan to burn Quran outside White House foiled 13 December 2015
Muslim schoolgirl in New York called 'ISIS' and put into headlock and punched 12 December 2015
Muhammad Ali calls on US Muslims to stand up against Islamophobia 10 December 2015
American Muslims raise more than $100,000 for families of San Bernardino shooting victim 10 December 2015
American Muslims rejected Donald Trump's proposal of banning Muslims entering US 08 December 2015
Hundreds of Shias attend 'anti-terrorism' rally in Washington D.C. 07 December 2015
US university president urges students to carry guns and 'end Muslims' 07 December 2015
'Bullet-riddled' Quran found outside Islamic clothing shop in Southern California 05 December 2015
Muslims march for martyrdom of Imam Hussein and peace in Idaho 01 December 2015
Muslim Youth Connection to hold Arbaeen program 22 November 2015
Small boy who donated his savings to vandalized mosque receives a generous thank you 21 November 2015
“The Study Quran” published by American Islamic scholars 17 November 2015
“The Study Quran” published by American Islamic scholars 16 November 2015
Imam Shirazi World Foundation calls on Obama to end ongoing war on Yemen 15 November 2015
Historic election creates 1st Muslim majority city council in America 07 November 2015
Study shows more than half of California Muslim students are bullied 01 November 2015

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