Title Published Date
Non Violence Organization urges Muslims to avoid sectarian strife after execution of Sheikh Nimr 06 January 2016
Trump’s first TV campaign ad highlights Muslim ban 06 January 2016
Muslims fired over prayer at work dispute 02 January 2016
Hijab-wearing women in US facing abuse 31 December 2015
More Latinos converting to Islam in US 30 December 2015
Man pleads guilty to defacing Islamic Center in California 30 December 2015
Muslims in Washington hand out roses on Christmas Day 28 December 2015
Al Rashid Mosque in Edmonton opens warehouse of goods for those in need 27 December 2015
Fire at Houston mosque under investigation as arson 27 December 2015
Fatimat-ul-Zahra Islamic Center, an active Shia center in El Salvador 26 December 2015
Top American judge stands up for the constitutional rights of Muslims 24 December 2015
US police arrest Trump supporter who wanted to bomb Muslims 22 December 2015
Muslims hold prayer meeting outside Trump Tower in protest 21 December 2015
Muslims hand out roses to spread message of peace 20 December 2015
American Muslims protest Shia killing in Nigeria 19 December 2015
Professor suspended for saying Christians and Muslims worship the ‘same God’ 17 December 2015
Female high school students in Chicago protest Islamophobia by wearing headscarves 17 December 2015
US anti-Muslim attacks hitting record high 15 December 2015
UN says anti-Muslim comments by US officials unacceptable 15 December 2015
SRW says AlAzhar's latest competition is direct targeting against Shia Muslims and public incitation 15 December 2015

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